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Moving While Pregnant? Follow These Tips For Convenience And Safety

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Moving is never easy—it's even more challenging when you're pregnant. You want to ensure you don't do anything that could cause health problems for yourself or for the baby. Plus, you need to be prompt with your moving plans so you can get settled before the baby arrives. Here are some tips to help you out along the way.

Start packing early, and do a little at a time.

Trying to pack in two or three days will cause you too much stress and lost sleep. So, start packing four or six weeks before your move. Dedicate yourself to packing up just one box per day. Start with the items you rarely use, like holiday dishes and Halloween décor, and end with the essentials like in-season clothing and everyday dishes.

Choose smaller boxes.

Ideally, you should have plenty of helpers who can carry boxes so you don't have to. But if there's a chance you'll end up having to carry some things yourself, packing in smaller boxes will ensure you don't hurt yourself or your baby lifting things. Consider putting a piece of red tape on each box that contains heavy items—like books or dishes—so you can have someone else move those boxes while you focus on the really lightweight ones.

Get a checkup before the bog moving day.

Before your actual moving day arrives, schedule a checkup with your doctor. Make sure he or she says it's okay for you to participate in the move. Pay attention to any limitations your doctor suggests when it comes to moving. If your doctor suggests you don't help with the move, then make plans to hire a moving service. While this may cost a bit more than moving with the help of your friends, you can't put a price on your baby's health.

Take breaks on moving day.

When moving day does arrive, take breaks often. Work for a half hour, and then spend time minutes making sure you're hydrated, sitting down for some relaxation, and clearing your mind. Make sure your helpers know to remind you to take breaks if you're the type of person who likes to power ahead unchecked. If you need to move over a two or three day period to allow for these breaks, then so be it.

Moving while pregnant can be challenging, but with the tips above, you should be able to do so safely and conveniently. For more information, contact companies like Mountain Moving Systems.