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Using Storage To Help Your Whole Family Get Organized

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While storage is great for downsizing or for keeping family heirlooms safe, there are other reasons your family might benefit from a storage unit. If you have a large family with a lot of different household items to juggle, a storage unit can get things out of the way until you need them. Here are four items that you might benefit from getting out of your home and into a storage unit.

1. Seasonal Items

If your family loves the snow, you might not necessarily need skis and snowboards cluttering up your garage for when these aren't needed. If you live in an area that is cold or icy throughout the winter, bikes might benefit from being in a temperature-controlled storage unit rather than the side of the house.

2. Hand-Me-Downs

If your kids are a few years apart, you may want to hang on to clothing for your next child to wear without this taking up closet space in the interim. Packing these up in plastic bins and sending them off to storage until your child is ready for a new size will free up space so you can grab these when the time comes. Be sure to mark age ranges or sizes on your storage bins before you pack these up in your storage unit.

3. Presents

If you have a few kids, it might be hard to keep holiday or birthday presents a secret. If you have nosy kids that are going to peek around your closet or the trunk of your car for presents, hide these in storage so that your children won't be able to access these. You can even bring along a fold-up table and do your wrapping in your storage unit if there is accessible space.

4. Nicer Furnishings

If your children are all still very young, you might want to put away your nice glass table with sharp corners or your fancy lamps that you love. Give your nicer furnishings a chance for the future by hiding these away during your kid's toddler years. Once they have grown up a bit, you can unearth your favorite furnishings and have these on display again.

Making space in your home if you have a large family can seem like an ongoing chore. If there are items that you would like to keep don't actually need around all of the time, you can keep these safe in a Queensborough Mini Storage self storage unit or in another similar facility. This will keep you organized and also leave room for the things that you really need around the house.