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Four Beach-Related Items To Store Properly As The Summer Comes To An End

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Whether you were able to enjoy a few days or several weeks at the beach this summer, you should know that this warm and sunny season is coming to a close and you have beach gear that must be put away. Although you might think it is a simple process that involves putting everything in your storage unit, you could come back next year to a foul-smelling swimsuit and beach towel, which is just what you want to avoid.

Knowing how to properly store your beach items will ensure they are ready for next summer.

Beach Towels

It is inevitable for beach towels to collect sand while at the beach, which is fine; you just need to know how to handle the situation to avoid problems in the future. First off, you need to shake out the sand. Keep your eyes closed and shake away to make sure no sand is left clinging on for life. Afterwards, put the towels in the washing machine with a cup of vinegar for effective deodorization.


When it comes to beach gear, surfboards might be the toughest to prepare for storage. However, a surfboard is generally the most expensive piece of beach gear that you have, so it is worthwhile. After you bring in your surfboard for the last time this year, you need to give it a thorough water rinse. It is essential to remove the salt water and sand from the surface of the board. Following this, you should put it in a cool and shady place to dry as the sun will only cause unnecessary damage.

To finish it up, you should consider using a surfboard rack to hang it high above ground, especially when you plan on keeping it in your storage unit as it does not take much to become damaged.


Although umbrellas are designed to protect you from the sun, this does not mean they should be kept in the sun at all times. Cleaning an umbrella is pretty simple as all it requires is a thorough rinse, along with hand-cleaning each section with a mild detergent or cleaning solution. Let it dry in the sun, wrap it in a blanket, tarp, or umbrella cover, and then put it in storage to keep it protected until next summer.


While salt and direct sunlight are two things that your wetsuit will be exposed to in the water, they are also the two main culprits for wetsuits becoming damaged beyond repair. After your last session in the water, you need to use the following steps to ensure proper wetsuit storage:

  1. Rinse the wetsuit inside and out.
  2. Clean it with wetsuit shampoo.
  3. Hang it inside out to dry.
  4. Store it lying flat to avoid permanent creases.

Going to the beach to soak up the sun or catch some waves can make your summer quite enjoyable, but you can make it better by knowing how to store your beach items once the season is over. Following these simple tips will keep your beach gear protected so you can use it all next year.

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