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When Your Lease Ends A Day Before Your New Place Is Available

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Your apartment rental lease ends on the last day of the month, but the lease at your new place starts on the 1st. This seems like it must be a common problem. How do people handle moving out on one day when they can't move in until the next day? Two possible strategies can help overcome this inconvenience, and a third strategy will help you avoid it in the future. 

Ask Your Landlords About Juggling Moving Times

Ask whether you can stay in the current place until the 1st or move into the new apartment one day earlier. 

It's possible that your current apartment hasn't been rented out yet, in which case you may be able to negotiate staying until the 1st. If it has been rented, the new tenants may not plan to arrive until after the 1st. If they have to move in that day, you might juggle the moves by making sure you're out by mid-morning.

The new apartment may be vacant before the end of the month, meaning you could move in a day sooner than scheduled. 

The sooner you ask, the better, as it gives the landlords time to work things out on their end. 

Store Your Belongings Overnight in the Moving Truck

Consider making your move a two-day project. 

Ask the movers how much extra it will cost for you to hold the truck or trailer overnight. If you have movers doing the job, they may be able to pack up your stuff late in the day and bring it to the new place early the next morning. This frees them up for other jobs on those days so you might not have to pay for a full two days.

Then plan on staying overnight at a friend's or relative's place--or at a hotel. 

A Thought for the Future

If you can, in the future, leave more time between moves. For instance, you might be able to start renting a new place on the 15th and not have to move out of the current apartment for another two weeks.

Obviously, this costs more because you'll pay rent on both apartments for a short time. However, it prevents the problem you're experiencing now. It also is convenient when you're moving in the same area. You can bring things to the new place little by little instead of having to go at the process full-tilt on one day. In addition, there's plenty of time to clean your old place and tackle anything you want done in the new place before moving in.