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Packing And Storage Materials For Your Storage Unit

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If you are putting your household items into long-term storage, it is important to take some time to strategize this project. Having the right materials on-hand will help you pack up items and keep them safe for a long period of time. Spending a little money and effort ahead of time will give your items a fighting chance of steering clear of damage while in storage. Here are four packing items that you should incorporate into your storage move.

1. Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic bins will keep your items safe from water and mold, keeping your items in better condition than traditional cardboard boxes. While cheaper, boxes are really meant for short-term moving and not to withstand a long-term storage situation. Use sturdy plastic boxes with sealed lids that will be easier to stack and organize within your storage unit.

2. Bubble Wrap

If you will be storing furniture in your unit, it is important that this is packed efficiently and safely. It might be best to take legs off of tables and chairs and have these wrapped and taped to larger surfaces. First bubble wrap and then tape up fragile, larger items so that these can be properly secured and safely packed up in storage.

3. Locks

Even if your storage unit is locked for the outside, it doesn't hurt to have a little insurance on the inside. Cable locks are great to wrap around larger items and secure them to one another, such as antiques or sporting equipment. This will make expensive items that much harder to steal if your storage unit does happen to be broken into.

4. Labeling Device

If you will be storing your items for a long time, you aren't going to remember in a year which bin holds your kitchen supplies. Invest in a label maker, or at the very least painter's tape and a marker. Label as you go, and if you can, make a quick floor plan once you have packed up so you will remember where everything was initially stored in your unit.

Storing items for long periods of time correctly involves specific packing techniques and storing materials. Don't just pack up your items as you would during a standard move since they might not be able to stand the test of time haphazardly packed. Be sure that your items are packed safely and securely and are ready for long-term storage.

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