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10 Tips For Moving With Kids

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Moving can be an exciting and frightening experience for children. Here are some tips to make the transition go smoother for you and your little ones.

  1. Keep kids in the loop – Your children should be among the first to know when a move will be taking place. This will be an important transition for them, and communication throughout the process will make things easier for everyone.
  2. Involve them in the process – Kids love to be a part of things. Ask for their help in packing, cleaning, and even shopping for a new home.
  3. Pack special items together – Help your child gather items that are special to them and pack it a special box. Let them decorate the box so that it will be easy to recognize on move day.
  4. Declutter when kids are not around – One area where it might be best to not involve kids is decluttering. Go through old toys, clothes, and art projects when they are asleep, and be sure they go to a sitter during the garage sale to avoid tearful moments.
  5. Introduce them to their new home – If you are moving somewhere close by, take the opportunity to visit the new house and neighborhood before moving day. Let the children choose their own rooms. Visit local parks, stores, and their new school if possible. If you are moving far away, utilize online maps and resources to introduce them to their new home via the internet.
  6. Say goodbye – Saying goodbye to friends is an important part of the process. Plan a play date for little ones or a BBQ for teens to invite friends, teachers, or coaches to say goodbye. Smaller children may also benefit from saying goodbye to places like their bedroom or the house to help them understand and gain closure.
  7. Find a new school – Finding a new school can be as important as finding the new house. Use internet resources, discussion groups, and contacts at your new employer to find out about the quality of the schools in the area. Make sure that you have the appropriate paper work from the old school to make the transfer process go smoothly.
  8. Continue favorite activities – Plan to continue favorite activities, sports, and hobbies in your new location. Register for these activities in advance when possible to allow children to get involved as quickly as possible when you are settled.
  9. Load the kids' things last – Ask your mover to load the kids' items last so that they can be unloaded first when you arrive at your new home.
  10. Unpack and arrange children's rooms first – Eat off of paper plates for a few days, or let the living room boxes sit for a little while, so that you can focus on unpacking and arranging kids rooms first. Surrounding them with familiar items will allow them to feel secure and safe in their new home more quickly.

As you work with your children and keep their needs in mind, your move can go smoothly for everyone in the family. If you're looking for a moving company's help, visit Hendra Moving & Storage (2007) Ltd.