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Getting The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit's Space

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Whether you're moving or just need some extra space, a storage unit is a great way to keep your belongings safe and out of the elements. Most storage facilities charge customers based on the size of the individual unit rented, so it's important to be able to properly maximize the available space you have in order to save some money. Here are ways you can be sure you're getting the most out of your storage space and packing everything the right way.

Sort and Label

Before you haul all of your goods to the storage unit, you should carefully sort them and then label each box appropriately. If you have dishes and kitchen wares, keep those together and mark your box so you know where all of your kitchen items are. The same should go for other things like linens, decorative items, and books. If you label everything and sort it ahead of time, finding what you need later will be much easier.

Back to Front

How and where you store everything can mean the difference between an easy transition and a difficult one. If you're storing larger items like furniture, put them in the unit first and place them toward the back of the unit. Strategically stack and pack the boxes of items you will probably need to get out from back to front, with the least frequently used ones towards the back. If possible, keep the middle of your unit empty so you will have an "aisle" to walk down which can make finding and removing things a lot easier.

Draw a Map

As you pack your items, draw out a map that indicates where everything is located and tape it to the inside of your storage unit. You can refer to this map whenever you visit to remove something, and it will make finding everything a whole lot simpler and quicker. If something changes, you can just mark out what was previously there and correct it with the new items. For example, draw squares for each box and then write down exactly what you labelled them as on the map.

Pack Smartly

Try to utilize and maximize as much space as you have available. If you're storing large appliances like a refrigerator or even a clothes dryer, you can also store items inside of them. Pack fragile items in bubble wrap or packing paper to help keep them from breaking. Seal each box with tape to prevent unwanted "critters" from getting in. If you pack everything smartly, your storage unit can be a real convenience rather than an annoyance.

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