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Placing Your Craft Items in Storage: How to Keep Everything Organized & Protected

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If you are a crafter, your hobby can get away from you fast. Without space and organization, you can find yourself surrounded by fabric, paper, ribbon, stickers, paints, pens, and other supplies in a hurry. Learn how you can create organization and peace of mind by placing some of your crafts in storage. It all starts with organizing at home.

Divide your crafts

You don't know just how much stuff you actually have until you divide it all up into specific categories. Pick a clean, uncluttered room in your home (such as a reading room or your kitchen table) to go through your things in. Divide your crafts into type (scrapbooking, watercoloring, sewing, etc), and then take each type of craft and put like items together. Before long, you're going to realize that you have multiple pairs of scissors, hundreds of pages of craft paper, and enough fabric to sew clothing for every child in your community.

Pick your favorites

Once you've had everything laid out in different categories, start picking out your favorite or most-used craft supplies. Place these supplies in a bin to re-organize in your craft room later. You'd be surprised the many craft supplies you don't use that can easily be placed into storage for future use.

Get ready for storage

To keep your craft items protected in storage, place any liquid things, such as paints and glues, in small sandwich bags before placing them into storage containers. Beads and small fixtures can be placed in old vitamin bottles or small jars to prevent spillage. Use one storage container per hobby so you can keep everything organized, and make sure every container has a lid. Label each container on the top and sides according to the type of hobby supplies that are inside.

Since many of your craft supplies can be used for more than one hobby, you may want to include a list of what's inside the bins as well. This makes it easier to retrieve something you need without digging through all your boxes later.

Pick & use a unit

If you have items that are sensitive to heat, such as fur pieces or certain adhesives, then you need a temperature-controlled storage unit. These are available at most storage companies for a slightly raised fee over traditional units. Otherwise, any enclosed space is fine for storing your items in.

Place your containers inside your storage space with a path in the middle left open so you can grab containers with ease. whenever the craft bug bites you. Once you have everything in storage, your craft room at home can be more comfortable to use, and you still have access to your other hobby items whenever you want them.

Placing your craft items in storage is a great way to keep your craft room free of rarely-used supplies, and helps you keep your hobbies in check. For more information on storing your items, consult experts such as Target Storage.