Tips for Packing and Moving Easily

Moving While Pregnant? Follow These Tips For Convenience And Safety

Moving is never easy—it’s even more challenging when you’re pregnant. You want to ensure you don’t do anything that could cause health problems for yourself or for the baby. Plus, you need to be prompt with your moving plans so you can get settled before the baby arrives. Here are some tips to help you out along the way. Start packing early, and do a little at a time. Trying to pack in two or three days will cause you too much stress and lost sleep. So, start packing four or six weeks before your move. Dedicate yourself to packing up just one box per day. Start with the items you rarely use, like holiday dishes and Halloween décor, and end with the essentials like in-season clothing and everyday dishes. Choose smaller boxes. Ideally, you should have plenty of helpers who can carry boxes so you don’t have to. But if there’s a chance you’ll end up having to carry some things yourself, packing in smaller boxes will ensure you don’t hurt yourself or your baby lifting things. Consider putting a piece of red tape on each box that contains heavy items—like books or dishes—so you can have someone else move those boxes while you focus on the really lightweight ones. Get a checkup before the bog moving day. Before your actual moving day arrives, schedule a checkup with your doctor. Make sure he or she says it’s okay for you to participate in the move. Pay attention to any limitations your doctor suggests when it comes to moving. If your doctor suggests you don’t help with the move, then make plans to hire a moving service. While this may cost a bit more than moving with the help of your friends, you can’t put a price on your baby’s health. Take breaks on moving day. When moving day does arrive, take breaks often. Work for a half hour, and then spend time minutes making sure you’re hydrated, sitting down for some relaxation, and clearing your mind. Make sure your helpers know to remind you to take breaks if you’re the type of person who likes to power ahead unchecked. If you need to move over a two or three day period to allow for these breaks, then so be it. Moving while pregnant can be challenging, but with the tips above, you should be able to do so safely […]

Three Tips For Helping Your Packrat Relative Move

There are people who keep only the important things, and then there are so-called “packrats” who seem to keep everything. If you have a relative who is a packrat and you’ve been asked to help them move, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the prospect. How will you ever get 1,000 collectible figurines into the moving truck? Will they really be able to part with 12 years worth of magazines? Every situation is different, but these three tips should help keep the packing and moving process going – while also keeping you from pulling out your hair. Make sure your relative is prepared emotionally. Many packrats are very emotionally connected to their items; that’s why they keep them. So, having to throw things away or donate them is going to be emotionally challenging for your relative. Prepare some comforting phrases to use if your loved one becomes emotionally overwhelmed during the process. You could say “Remember, it’s the people in your life who matter the most, not your things.” Or “Just think of how much this item will mean to the person you donate it to!” If you expect your loved one to be very emotional, you may want to kindly suggest they find a therapist to meet with a few times during the moving process. Talking about their struggles can help keep them emotionally grounded. Stick to a schedule. This is not a move you can complete in one day or even three days. A few weeks before the actual moving date, sit down with your relative and formulate a schedule. Plan on packing up the bathroom one day, the bedroom another day, and the kitchen another day, for instance. You can even designate a day to go through a specific collection if needed. Once this schedule is set, stick to it. Having a schedule will ensure you keep moving forward rather than spending all day reminiscing over a certain lampshade or book. Hire a professional moving company. Surely, your loved one can’t move everything to their new home. But once everything has been sorted through and items have been donated and thrown out, it may be wise to have professionals actually pack things into boxes and transport them to the new location. This will take away some of the pressure to throw away a certain amount of items, as the moving company will have the resources to […]

Moving Soon And Deal With Anxiety? 3 Ways To Help You Get Ready For Big City Life

When you live in a small city or town for most or all of your life, it is easy to get used to the small crowds just about everywhere you go. If you have anxiety, these small crowds may not cause you much trouble, but going to a big city where you will commonly find yourself in large crowds can become overwhelming. When you know that you are moving to a large city, you should take action immediately to help your anxiety. Moving to a new place with a handle on your anxiety will ease your adjustment to big city life. Find a De-stressing Activity That You Like After you introduce yourself to an entirely new environment, your anxiety levels are likely to increase. So, while you are still living where you feel comfortable, you should get into the routine of de-stressing. Yoga is an excellent activity that you can do at home, at a yoga studio, or at a personal gym. The only thing that you really need is a yoga mat, so the barrier for entry is next to nothing. Most of the yoga poses that focus on stress relief are extremely beginner-friendly, so you should have no problem getting quick results. Another activity that you can do to reduce your anxiety is meditation. It is less physical and focuses more on the mind, but it does have a number of similarities to yoga. Getting into meditation is even easier because you do not have to physically exert yourself or use any equipment to get started. To avoid overdoing it in the beginning, you should start with only sessions of just a few minutes. Look for Places in Quiet Neighborhoods While big cities will have plenty of busy neighborhoods, you can typically find some places that are not as busy. You should try to look at apartments, condos, or homes in these areas as it will more closely resemble the kind of life you have grown accustomed to for so many years. When you look at places, you should ask about the noise level and how busy the area is to help you narrow down your options. Get Yourself a Reliable Vehicle Having to rely on public transportation can feel stressful in a big city. Walking on busy streets, riding a bus, or even taking a light rail will naturally put you into large crowds that you may […]

Using Storage To Help Your Whole Family Get Organized

While storage is great for downsizing or for keeping family heirlooms safe, there are other reasons your family might benefit from a storage unit. If you have a large family with a lot of different household items to juggle, a storage unit can get things out of the way until you need them. Here are four items that you might benefit from getting out of your home and into a storage unit. 1. Seasonal Items If your family loves the snow, you might not necessarily need skis and snowboards cluttering up your garage for when these aren’t needed. If you live in an area that is cold or icy throughout the winter, bikes might benefit from being in a temperature-controlled storage unit rather than the side of the house. 2. Hand-Me-Downs If your kids are a few years apart, you may want to hang on to clothing for your next child to wear without this taking up closet space in the interim. Packing these up in plastic bins and sending them off to storage until your child is ready for a new size will free up space so you can grab these when the time comes. Be sure to mark age ranges or sizes on your storage bins before you pack these up in your storage unit. 3. Presents If you have a few kids, it might be hard to keep holiday or birthday presents a secret. If you have nosy kids that are going to peek around your closet or the trunk of your car for presents, hide these in storage so that your children won’t be able to access these. You can even bring along a fold-up table and do your wrapping in your storage unit if there is accessible space. 4. Nicer Furnishings If your children are all still very young, you might want to put away your nice glass table with sharp corners or your fancy lamps that you love. Give your nicer furnishings a chance for the future by hiding these away during your kid’s toddler years. Once they have grown up a bit, you can unearth your favorite furnishings and have these on display again. Making space in your home if you have a large family can seem like an ongoing chore. If there are items that you would like to keep don’t actually need around all of the time, you can keep these […]

Four Beach-Related Items To Store Properly As The Summer Comes To An End

Whether you were able to enjoy a few days or several weeks at the beach this summer, you should know that this warm and sunny season is coming to a close and you have beach gear that must be put away. Although you might think it is a simple process that involves putting everything in your storage unit, you could come back next year to a foul-smelling swimsuit and beach towel, which is just what you want to avoid. Knowing how to properly store your beach items will ensure they are ready for next summer. Beach Towels It is inevitable for beach towels to collect sand while at the beach, which is fine; you just need to know how to handle the situation to avoid problems in the future. First off, you need to shake out the sand. Keep your eyes closed and shake away to make sure no sand is left clinging on for life. Afterwards, put the towels in the washing machine with a cup of vinegar for effective deodorization. Surfboard When it comes to beach gear, surfboards might be the toughest to prepare for storage. However, a surfboard is generally the most expensive piece of beach gear that you have, so it is worthwhile. After you bring in your surfboard for the last time this year, you need to give it a thorough water rinse. It is essential to remove the salt water and sand from the surface of the board. Following this, you should put it in a cool and shady place to dry as the sun will only cause unnecessary damage. To finish it up, you should consider using a surfboard rack to hang it high above ground, especially when you plan on keeping it in your storage unit as it does not take much to become damaged. Umbrella Although umbrellas are designed to protect you from the sun, this does not mean they should be kept in the sun at all times. Cleaning an umbrella is pretty simple as all it requires is a thorough rinse, along with hand-cleaning each section with a mild detergent or cleaning solution. Let it dry in the sun, wrap it in a blanket, tarp, or umbrella cover, and then put it in storage to keep it protected until next summer. Wetsuit While salt and direct sunlight are two things that your wetsuit will be exposed to in the […]

Reduce The Cost Of Moving By Making Plans Ahead Of Time

One of the biggest obstacles people face when moving is the costs involved. In order to prevent yourself from paying thousands on an upcoming local move, you should make it a goal to do as much planning ahead of time. By making arrangements for your move well in advance, you won’t need to be face with paying a lot more money than you may have originally planned. Look for Affordable Packing Supplies Packing supplies can quickly add up, especially when you’re bringing a lot of fragile items such as electronics and dinnerware. In order for you to carefully pack your belongings without spending a fortune, get creative when looking for packing supplies. Moving boxes, for example, can be found for free by looking for supplies from others that have recently moved. Reduce the Amount of Items You’re Bringing Your move can quickly become expensive if you bring a ton of boxes and furniture. While you may not want to get rid of items that are sentimental or useful to you, it’s a good idea to assess what you’re bringing and discard or donate what you don’t need. This will reduce the size of the moving truck you’ll need and the costs involved as a result. Consider If You Can Handle Loading on Your Own Even with the assistance of a moving van or truck, you may run into trouble loading your belongings safely. In order for you to get everything loaded into the vehicle, you may want to consider hiring movers that can provide assistants with loading. Check for Discounts When Hiring a Moving Company The best reason to hire a moving company several months before the date of your move arrives is due to the discounts that may be available. You may find with some research that moving  companies can be hired at a much lower rate than if you were to hire them at the last minute due to how busy they may be. Asking about discounts that may be available for the date of your move or the size of moving truck you’ll need can also help clear up any questions over the costs involved. Hiring a moving company can be a fantastic way to make your move as enjoyable as possible and reduce a lot of the stress on your behalf, but some planning is needed to prevent yourself from overspending. With the tips above, you can reduce […]

Three Things You Can Do before the Actual Moveto Make Settling in Easier

Settling in at a new place can take some time. Even if you love your new apartment or house, it might take a while before it actually feels like home. However, there are a few things you can do before moving day actually arrives to ensure you settle in easily and quickly. Pack a separate box of comfort items. Walk though your current home, and pick out items that really make it feel like your own space. This may be certain stuffed animals,, souvenirs from trips you have taken, or artwork on your wall that means something to you. Pack these things into a separate box, so that when you arrive at your new place, you know where they all are and can unpack them immediately. With these items in place, your new home will feel more homey. Plan a dinner with friends in your new place before you even move. If you’re moving far away, this may not be possible. However, if you’re moving to within a reasonable driving distance from some friends of yours, invite them over for dinner at your new place well in advance of your move. There are several ways this helps you settle in: Planning a dinner in your new place will force you to get things into place in the kitchen in a prompt manner, and once your kitchen is put together, it will feel more like home. Having your new home filled with friends and loved ones will make it instantly feel warmer and more welcoming. Focusing on planning this dinner will give your mind something to focus on in the days after your move, so you’re not concentrating on those feelings of uneasiness that come with moving to a new place. Research the neighborhood and make note of places you want to visit. Often, it’s not just the home itself that feels cold and unfamiliar, but also the neighborhood surrounding it. Spend some time before the move looking at maps and pictures of your new area, so when you arrive, it seems more familiar. Make note of restaurants, shops, and attractions you want to visit. This way, you won’t find yourself blindly wandering the streets looking for somewhere to eat or shop in an unfamiliar town. Instead, you’ll be excited to finally visit these places you’ve been reading about. Moving can be one of the most stressful life experiences. Between packing, […]

When Your Lease Ends A Day Before Your New Place Is Available

Your apartment rental lease ends on the last day of the month, but the lease at your new place starts on the 1st. This seems like it must be a common problem. How do people handle moving out on one day when they can’t move in until the next day? Two possible strategies can help overcome this inconvenience, and a third strategy will help you avoid it in the future.  Ask Your Landlords About Juggling Moving Times Ask whether you can stay in the current place until the 1st or move into the new apartment one day earlier.  It’s possible that your current apartment hasn’t been rented out yet, in which case you may be able to negotiate staying until the 1st. If it has been rented, the new tenants may not plan to arrive until after the 1st. If they have to move in that day, you might juggle the moves by making sure you’re out by mid-morning. The new apartment may be vacant before the end of the month, meaning you could move in a day sooner than scheduled.  The sooner you ask, the better, as it gives the landlords time to work things out on their end.  Store Your Belongings Overnight in the Moving Truck Consider making your move a two-day project.  Ask the movers how much extra it will cost for you to hold the truck or trailer overnight. If you have movers doing the job, they may be able to pack up your stuff late in the day and bring it to the new place early the next morning. This frees them up for other jobs on those days so you might not have to pay for a full two days. Then plan on staying overnight at a friend’s or relative’s place–or at a hotel.  A Thought for the Future If you can, in the future, leave more time between moves. For instance, you might be able to start renting a new place on the 15th and not have to move out of the current apartment for another two weeks. Obviously, this costs more because you’ll pay rent on both apartments for a short time. However, it prevents the problem you’re experiencing now. It also is convenient when you’re moving in the same area. You can bring things to the new place little by little instead of having to go at the process full-tilt on one day. In addition, […]

10 Tips For Moving With Kids

Moving can be an exciting and frightening experience for children. Here are some tips to make the transition go smoother for you and your little ones. Keep kids in the loop – Your children should be among the first to know when a move will be taking place. This will be an important transition for them, and communication throughout the process will make things easier for everyone. Involve them in the process – Kids love to be a part of things. Ask for their help in packing, cleaning, and even shopping for a new home. Pack special items together – Help your child gather items that are special to them and pack it a special box. Let them decorate the box so that it will be easy to recognize on move day. Declutter when kids are not around – One area where it might be best to not involve kids is decluttering. Go through old toys, clothes, and art projects when they are asleep, and be sure they go to a sitter during the garage sale to avoid tearful moments. Introduce them to their new home – If you are moving somewhere close by, take the opportunity to visit the new house and neighborhood before moving day. Let the children choose their own rooms. Visit local parks, stores, and their new school if possible. If you are moving far away, utilize online maps and resources to introduce them to their new home via the internet. Say goodbye – Saying goodbye to friends is an important part of the process. Plan a play date for little ones or a BBQ for teens to invite friends, teachers, or coaches to say goodbye. Smaller children may also benefit from saying goodbye to places like their bedroom or the house to help them understand and gain closure. Find a new school – Finding a new school can be as important as finding the new house. Use internet resources, discussion groups, and contacts at your new employer to find out about the quality of the schools in the area. Make sure that you have the appropriate paper work from the old school to make the transfer process go smoothly. Continue favorite activities – Plan to continue favorite activities, sports, and hobbies in your new location. Register for these activities in advance when possible to allow children to get involved as quickly as possible when you […]

Packing And Storage Materials For Your Storage Unit

If you are putting your household items into long-term storage, it is important to take some time to strategize this project. Having the right materials on-hand will help you pack up items and keep them safe for a long period of time. Spending a little money and effort ahead of time will give your items a fighting chance of steering clear of damage while in storage. Here are four packing items that you should incorporate into your storage move. 1. Plastic Storage Bins Plastic bins will keep your items safe from water and mold, keeping your items in better condition than traditional cardboard boxes. While cheaper, boxes are really meant for short-term moving and not to withstand a long-term storage situation. Use sturdy plastic boxes with sealed lids that will be easier to stack and organize within your storage unit. 2. Bubble Wrap If you will be storing furniture in your unit, it is important that this is packed efficiently and safely. It might be best to take legs off of tables and chairs and have these wrapped and taped to larger surfaces. First bubble wrap and then tape up fragile, larger items so that these can be properly secured and safely packed up in storage. 3. Locks Even if your storage unit is locked for the outside, it doesn’t hurt to have a little insurance on the inside. Cable locks are great to wrap around larger items and secure them to one another, such as antiques or sporting equipment. This will make expensive items that much harder to steal if your storage unit does happen to be broken into. 4. Labeling Device If you will be storing your items for a long time, you aren’t going to remember in a year which bin holds your kitchen supplies. Invest in a label maker, or at the very least painter’s tape and a marker. Label as you go, and if you can, make a quick floor plan once you have packed up so you will remember where everything was initially stored in your unit. Storing items for long periods of time correctly involves specific packing techniques and storing materials. Don’t just pack up your items as you would during a standard move since they might not be able to stand the test of time haphazardly packed. Be sure that your items are packed safely and securely and are ready for long-term […]